In Good Conscience

About the Book

Aidan Sheridan had it all — the devoted partner, the starring role in a TV series, the gorgeous beach house overlooking the Pacific. How was he supposed to face losing all that he had worked so hard to achieve when he is suddenly and gravely ill? Even worse than the betrayal from his body was that of those who should have been most fiercely protecting him. He loses the love of his life, his private information is leaked for the world to see, and he must face his mortality just as all the pieces of his life had been falling into place. Nurse Fiona Wood flips through his chart, despite his not being her patient, and believes he may have a hereditary cancer syndrome. What starts as her concern for his and his family's health quickly turns into a right-to-privacy vs. duty-to-warn argument, and Fiona ends up in front of the hospital ethics board fighting for the fact that no one is protecting this patient’s family. As she struggles with the inner turmoil and disciplinary action from the hospital, she forges a delicate relationship with Aidan that ultimately redeems them both. In Good Conscience exposes both the beauty and the ugly underbelly of sibling rivalry, relationships, love and forgiveness. Following the acclaim of Brooke’s Promise, In Good Conscience once again challenges the reader’s sense of what is right, ethical, and just.

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About the Author

An image of Janice Berliner. She wears a dark blue shirt and has medium legth brown hair.

Janice Berliner is a board certified genetic counselor with 30 years of clinical experience in prenatal, pediatric and oncology clinics. As the Director of the Master of Science in Genetic Counseling Program at Bay Path University, she now trains the next generation of genetic counselors. Janice has written many lay and scholarly articles and book chapters on genetics topics, and edited Ethical Dilemmas in Genetic Counseling: Principles through Case Scenarios. Janice’s novels, Brooke’s Promise and In Good Conscience, derive from her expertise working with families facing the risk of hereditary disorders, and the intensely personal and life-altering nature genetic illness can have on family relationships.


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