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Have you written a book about a genetic condition? Do you want to contribute to a growing resource for genetic counselors, families, and the public? Consider donating a PDF copy of your work to Reading Frame!

Books about genetic conditions are typically niche subjects that public libraries may not have in their catalogs. Reading Frame’s goal is to help increase public genetic literacy by consolidating these books on a single, freely accessible platform. In addition, we hope that by building our digital library, it will become a centralized resource for genetics professionals who are looking for books to recommend as a therapeutic tool for patients and their families.

The choice to donate a book is completely a personal decision. All books donated still belong to the author and will be credited appropriately. We do not charge access to the books we host. While this means authors will not be reimbursed for their donation, it will help make these resources more easily available to the wider public. Anyone from curious children, parents, teachers, and other genetics professionals will be able to read and share books found on Reading Frame. It can be considered as an alternative method of publication and distribution.

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By submitting your book you are agreeing to have the full text provided on Reading Frame for the public to read. This is a voluntary, nonmonetized, donation of your work. This work still belongs to you and will be credited appropriately. You are free to contact us at any time to edit or remove your book from the Reading Frame website.

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