The Start of Something Incredible!

Welcome to Reading Frame! Before moving forward, I would like to thank the Colorado State Library for their partnership in this project. Not only have they provided hosting, but also training and resources to make my vision become a reality. I’m looking forward to working with them for many years to come.

At the time of this post, work on this project has only just begun. Ideally, Reading Frame will be in full operation by April 2023. While this is a capstone project, it is also a passion project of mine. After graduation, this site will be maintained and updated regularly. The simple motivating factor is that I believe that everyone should have access to these books. While genetics is a complex and niche topic, it’s becoming an ever increasing cornerstone of medical decision making. Not everyone has access to genetic counselors to ask questions, but getting answers shouldn’t be gatekept. By sharing our resources, we can make a positive impact on those in our communities who are curious about genetics and genetic conditions.

So, why is the website called Reading Frame anyways? The honest answer is that it’s a pun name! If you’re here, you probably like to read books. The cells in our bodies like to read our genes as if they are books too. The part of the gene that is “read” is called an open reading frame. Hence the name, Reading Frame!